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Battle Royale is an upcoming video game currently under development by Epic Games, and it is part of a very popular genre known as battle royale. Originally conceived as a spin-off to the company's very successful game Fortnite (which is a popular co-operative survival game focused on the player's capability to utilize and deconstruct various game elements, and use them as objects to create defensive structures against the game's own enemy characters), Battle Royale has since been released as a stand-alone, free-to-play independent game title, which no longer requires the base game itself to function.

At the moment, the game is available on early access for Windows, Mac, Playstation 4 and XBox One, while mobile versions for iOS and Android are being planned as well. Being a free title, it is supported solely by microtransactions within the game itself.As for the basic gameplay, it follows the already well-established guidelines of other similar popular games within the "battle royale" genre: a numerous grou of players are simultaneously dropped from flying platforms onto a map or landscape that is randomly generated, within which randomly situated items such as weapons, armor and other strategic objects can be found.

The overall goal is simply to be the one player standing at the end of the game, staying clear of the other competitor's attacks and / or by managing to kill them first. Furthermore, a time constraint exists in the form of the so-called "safe zone" of the game, namely an eye of a storm that is presently ravishing the in-game world, that reduces in size over time, causing those caught outside its limits to suffer serious damage, or even potentially die as a consequence.

Also, it is worth noting that player's have the ability to loot defeated opponents, taking advantage of any potential equipment or objects retrieved from them.One peculiarity of Fortnite, in comparison to other well-known games within the genre, is the fact that players can tap into the so-called craft system.

The craft system, a unique feature of this game, basically allows users to not simply use any object they retrieve for defensive or offensive strategic purposes, but also lets them deconstruct them into their basic building materials: brick, steel and wood.

These materials, in turn, can then be utilized for a variety of things, including the building of limited durability structures and fortifications. These constructed items can then help the player make his or her way through the map, to defend themselves from opponent's attacks, and can even be used as a way to hinder the progress of other competitors throughout the game.

Originally, Epic Games announced the release of the "battle royale -mode" for in early September 2017, for early access users within the base game. However, due to the large popularity and anticipation the title generated, the company decided within days to instead release it as a stand-alone title soon afterwards.

In fact, as of early 2018, the popular acclaim of Battle Royale is such that an entirely separate development team was assigned specifically to work on further updates, features and upgrades to the game!In the two weeks following its release, Battle Royale had already gained over two million players.

It also holds the honor of being the most watched game ever on Twitch, largely because of the large number of celebrity appearances on its various live streams... including the likes of Drake, Travis Scott and even Kim Dotcom himself.It is clear by now that Fortnite Battle Royale has already really struck a chord within the worldwide gaming community, and there seems to be no end in sight for the massive numbers of new followers and players it keeps gaining, week by week and month by month. If you still haven't experienced what all the buzz on Fortnite Battle Royale is about, then don't miss out on one of the biggest gaming sensations of recent memory!